For 20 years of being employed at Brookestone this is the best of the best facility and company to work for. Good support system.

Family serving family is encouraged here, creating friendships and time to play alongside the care giving needed.

There’s a lot of recognition for when something happens, lots of celebration, lots of food, flexible schedules, I always feel supported by the departments I regularly work with.

Teamwork is a big part of caring for the elderly, I feel that I always have a team where I can rely on others for help when needed.

I like to work here because my employer cares about not just my work performance but my work-like balance. They also always show appreciation through gifts and food. And they recognize you for your efforts at work.

The employees work hard for this facility and create bonds with each other that last a lifetime!

There are great people that work here. There’s often help on the floor, and people get the job done while having fun with one another.

This company has multiple members in leadership that genuinely care about the staff and their well-being. They go out of their way to make sure that people feel included and appreciated. I can genuinely say that I enjoy working for my boss and my boss makes sure that I am up to date with my training as things change. When my boss is out of the office, I feel confident in the knowledge that she has given me, and I know that I can keep things running without things falling apart around me.

It has great people and flexibility good benefits. And they care about the patients.

I work with people that care so much about the elderly and believes that serving elderly is a privilege. We built a family culture in our team.

The main thing that makes this company unique is the fact that they care very much about the wellbeing of both their employees and their customers, instead of just focusing on money.

We’re like a big family, that works and laughs together as a team.

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