Active Seniors Help the Less Fortunate by Making Mats

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) — Staying active should be a life-long goal for all of us. That’s exactly what one group of senior citizens is trying to do all while being of service to the community.

Developing hand eye coordination can be a challenge. Keeping it can lead to a healthy mind. At Brookstone Village, residents are helping themselves and others in the community by making mats out of plastic bags.

“We’re tying these strips together so they can get crocheted,” said Life Enrichment Coordinator, Sarah Bird.

The bags are crocheted into sleeping mats for the Open Door Mission, providing others with a more comfortable sleep.

“We just started doing it with the residents and you can see we have great participation,” said Bird.

These seniors benefit as well. Evelyn Novotny had some health issues a while back; she’s now able to make mats with the best of them.

“Just to get out of the room laughs…No, I like to go out and work with people,” said Novotny. “The hardest part is learn to tie.”

She knows the work here is quality.

“I walked in here and Sarah was lying on the floor and I thought something happened to her she had to lie down to see how soft they were,” said Novotny.

Along with the activity there’s a bonding here as well. Arlene Utterback is here with mother-in-law, Clarice.

“It was a way we could come down and get involved in something and I’ve really found it very, very worthwhile,” said Utterback.

Willa Hieb is here with daughter, Janet Herman. Willa even takes some of her work home.

“It keeps me busy. I usually try to work in my room and then when they have a workshop, here they’ll cut a whole bunch of them and they’ll bring me a couple of sacks,” said Hieb. “I hope that they’re useful and that people appreciate them.”

Changing the view of long term care and helping others in the process.

“People just want to have a purpose,” said Bird.

The senior’s activity doesn’t end with making mats. They also plan to deliver them to the open Door Mission next month.

For more information about this Brookestone Village Life Enrichment program click HERE.


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