Training Opportunity at Brookestone Village

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Brookestone Village recently partnered with the St. Stephen the Martyr Ministry Leaders to provide “Senior Care Training” over a two day interactive seminar. The training was intended to offer help and support for individuals, family members and volunteers caring for or working with older adults.

The team at Brookestone Village provided practical information including tips on more effective communication skills, dementia training, and other helpful resources to turn to when caring/working with older adults. The Brookestone Village team spoke about working hard to change the view of long-term care along side their parent company, Vetter Senior Living.  St. Stephen’s focused more on the specifics of their Senior Care Ministry, and helping volunteers feel more comfortable in their volunteer ministry.

The training was an overall success with over thirty people in attendance. All were encouraged to ask questions and actively participate in discussion topics to make the most of this great opportunity. We wish to thank St. Stephen the Martyr, and look forward to providing future opportunities to connect with individuals, families and the community.